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We have been glad to assist Mr David Burchell, Organist of St. Paul's Cathedral, Dunedin, in the purchase, dismantling and installation of the 1864 Telford organ from Wesley Methodist, Dunedin to a new music room built for the purpose at Mt Cargill.  Bearing the job number 1575, the Telford is probably New Zealand's most significant historic organ.  It was built for St. Paul's church and was installed in the new St. Paul's Cathedral in 1919 by Ted Alden of Chas. Begg & Co.  Alden also lead the team which installed it in Wesley Methodist in 1921.  Dismantling began early January 2005 with assistance from John Masterton and Andrew Burchell, and the cleaning and installation is now almost complete

Dr Newton dismantling the tracker action of the 1864 Telford.


Following the purchase of a new electronic instrument and the decision to replaster and paint the interior of the church, St. Peter's in Caversham, Dunedin have asked us to dismantle and sell their pipe organ for them.  The 1910? Jenkins/1944 Alden is now in storage in our workshop.  It has the following stops: Open Diapason 8 (Laukhuff), Gedacht 8 (Jenkins), Gamba 8 (Palmer), Celeste 8 (Laukhuff), Principal 4 (Laukhuff) and Flute 4 (Jenkins) on the manual, and Bourdon 16 (Jenkins) on the pedal.


Each rank has an extra top octave of pipes for the octave coupler.  It has a radiating and concave pedal board with pneumatic pedal chest (Alden), and all except the Bourdon and Diapason are enclosed in a swell box.  For a room 4.2m high it would make a useful practice organ.  It is at present being cleaned and repaired, and will be available to be viewed and played in the workshop.


We are very pleased to announce that the New Zealand Organ Manufactory has been given the contract for the on-site clean and overhaul of the 1881 Hill/1928 Hayman organ in Morrinsville Methodist.  Work will commence following our Easter tuning round in the North Island.


We have also been given the contract to dismantle and remove the 1899/1909/1913 Hobday/Matla organ in St. Matthew's, Masterton. It is to be cleaned and overhauled in our workshop and installed in St. Patrick's, Oamaru in May.  It is planned at this stage to remove the present Positive organ in St. Patrick's to the east gallery.


The Oamaru Choral Society and St. Luke's, Oamaru have received a number of interested enquiries concerning the choral and organ positions advertised, including one from a leading Australian church musician.


We hope that all our readers will have a safe, productive and happy New Year.