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We are pleased to announce that the contract to restore the 1916 Positive organ at Otakeho, Taranaki, has been given to the New Zealand Organ Manufactory, and that we will be undertaking the work in association with Hugh McCrum of Upper Hutt.


For those of you interested in seeing the inside of the workshop, tune in to "Praise Be!", the television hymn show, at 9 a.m. on Sunday, 31st October.  The crew were in Oamaru recently filming the hymns at the Basilica, and the Oamaru Choral Society as well.  They visited the Manufactory while in Harbour Street and got a few shots around the workshop.


The last North Island tour was a great success, and more on-site work will be carried out in December.  The family are flying up to Coromandel for Christmas and New Year, so we will be visiting friends and relations around that region.


The opening concert for the Needham portable reed organ, restored for the Onslow Museum in Khandallah, attracted quite a crowd, and I spoke and played for an hour as part of the proceedings.


We also cleaned and overhauled the chamber organ built by the South Island Organ Company for the Christchurch Town Hall.  It was gifted by Bernard and Brenda Bicknell for the new auditorium, and was due for a checkup.


The chamber organ from the residence of Herbert Helm of Motueka has been purchased by a Mid Canterbury farmer, and is being installed temporarily while a new house is built.  The organ was built by Roy Tankersley and looked after by him.  We are also assisting another family dispose of a large three-manual pipe organ.


While up that way we also spent an afternoon overhauling a reed organ in Takaka ready for a church anniversary, and looked at a portable reed organ recently given to the Nelson Museum.  We will be looking at it again in December, our fourth contract for the Museum.


The dismantling of the 1864 Telford organ in Wesley Methodist, South Dunedin, one of New Zealand's most important historic organs, will be taking place in January. The new owner is busy finishing off the large music room built to receive it, and it should be a star attraction at Organ Congress in June.


Work continues with tuning and restoration, and we begin the cleaning and overhaul of the Rangiora Methodist organ shortly.  With the addition of a rank of pipes to complete the 1938 Brett organ at Maheno Anglican we are just busy enough.  We will be heading off to the North Island again early December.