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The Bicknell organ in the Museum continued to grow with the entire structure and swell box now in place, and the multitude of hand-wound solenoids with their upperboards being painstakingly restored and tested by Mark, Joe and Ryan.

Work also continued on the pipework for the Oamaru basilica, the Great Dulciana and Swell (previously Great) Principal having suffered the most in the 1940 earthquake

Principal Pipes

Celeste pipe before and after repair



Our March tuning round began with preparing the Croft organ in St. Mary's church, New Plymouth, for it's becoming a Cathedral.  New tunings acquired during this trip were St. John's in Te Awamutu and St. Philip's in St Heliers.

While Joe and I were finishing the tunings in preparation for Easter, Mark and Harley dismantled the 1959 pipe organ in Berwick Street Presbyterian churchin Christchurch and brought it up to Wellington, where we spent three days installing it in St. Francis de Sales church in Island Bay, where it was opened on Palm Sunday.  The acoustic of this 1964 church has certainly revealed the instrument to have been beautifully voiced.

Mark, Joe, Harley & Ron