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As well as our Christmas tunings, the most interesting part of this month was the installation of the 1921 Hill, Norman & Beard chamber organ built for Reynolds of Gisborne (more latterly in Knox church, Dannevirke) in St. Stephen's House, Parnell, the residence of Mr Philip Smith, Holy Trinity Cathedral Organist. In a matter of little more than a week it changed from this:

to this:

We also began our occupation of the former Masonic Lodge in Te Aroha, which allowed us to remove the organ from St. Matthew's out of the Cathedral into more suitable storage.


Five ranks of pipework for the Swell in the Oamaru basilica Hobday were cleaned, repaired and installed in January, and with this the winding and wiring were completed for the whole instrument.

The dismantling and removal of Bernard Bicknell's house organ was accomplished in a few days, and its installation in the Oamaru workshop began in earnest.  The organ was bequeathed to the Museum Trust along with the wherewithal to cover the costs of its removal to Oamaru.  Bernard worked on this instrument over a 75-year period, and it is one of the more notable home-built organs in New Zealand.  Along with the arrival of this organ came his collection of music, books, periodicals, photographs and correspondence for the Museum archives.