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Our September work in the North Island spilled over into October, with the first part of an interesting contract to reveal and resite the front case and pipes of the1927 Croft organ in Epsom Presbyterian.  As part of a 1960s renovation programme the front of the organ had been hidden behind a kauri screen and heavy curtain (only slightly ameliorated by being in my favourite William Morris pattern) and it was decided that this was to be undone.  Joe and Terrence painted the pipes gold, Shaun and I polished up the kauri case, and we resited it within the 1960s kauri frame.

Shortly after returning home we packed the family into the car and headed up to Kaikoura, where Terrence, Mark and I overhauled and resited the little Positive organ in St. Peter's church, Kaikoura.  The kids had a great holiday by the sea, and we visited a local country school for their pet day.


We returned to the North Island again at the beginning of November, to clean and overhaul the organ in St. Peter's church, Takapuna, in readiness for the induction of their new Vicar on the 19th.  The organ had fallen on hard times, and there was a lot to be done, but it all came together nicely.  We will be adding another rank of pipes and overhauling the console and electrical system next year.

Having a good team on the job, Ron was also able to assist Mark with installing the new Musicom digital capture system at St. Peter's Cathedral, Hamilton, which is proving a most reliable and accessible system to use.