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We are pleased to announce that a local lad, having left school last year, has shown an interest in working with me in the Manufactory.  He is an accomplished wood turner, as well as being capable in other areas of wood and metalwork.  We travelled the North Island together in June and he is keen to continue.


The last few weeks has seen me in Dunedin a fair bit preparing for the Dunedin City Choir's concert in St. Paul's Cathedral, 7 August, David Burchell conducting and playing organ solos.  There was a good and appreciative crowd, who especially enjoyed Finzi's "Lo, the full, final sacrifice."


Due to circumstances, the Manufactory and Museum will not be moving until next year, somewhat disappointing, but at least we will be able to prepare for a grand opening.


Work continues with tuning and restoration, and we will be heading off to the North Island again early September.