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Johannes headed back home to Germany at the beginning of December to prepare for his final apprenticeship examinations.  An interesting episode occurred Sunday evening just before Christmas, when a phospher bronze bearing in the 40-year old blowers at Holy Trinity Cathedral seized, forcing the Organist to accompany a full house singing carols on the piano!  A local electrical engineering firm, who service the blowers, were able to repair them in time for Christmas services.


Ron led a series of seminars on church music for a group of organists in Christchurch, assisting them in improving their hymn playing and general music leadership skills.  Other seminars have been given at churches around the country in the past, and considerable interest in this work has been raised.

January also saw the whole family back in the North Island for a few months while work came to a conclusion at Thames and other jobs were carried out around Auckland.  The news was received that Johannes passed all his exams!