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Work continued on well at Thames with Joe Moncur once more joining the team.  Other smaller jobs included overhauling the top-note chest at St. Cuthbert's College, and Ralph was able to perform his usual miracles to the electronic action at St. Mary's Waupukerau.  Another Estey reed organ was restored, belonging to the Polish Catholic church in Broad Bay, whose church building along with organ had been removed from Waihola some years ago.


The soundboard of the 1874 Walker in Mornington Methodist was overhauled in the workshop following water damage during a storm.  A number of pallets were releathered and repairs made to the various wooden parts.

Also in the workshop was a small continuo organ originally built by George Croft & Son for the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation, and used latterly at St. Paul's Lutheran church in Newtown.  We rebuilt the instrument with a new schwimmer regulator, included the bass pipes inside and under the case, which was raised and put onto a wheeled frame.  It is now used by St. Paul's Cathedral in Dunedin.