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After returning to Oamaru following the Easter tuning round we turned our attention to the repair of the bottom octave of the zinc Pedal Open Diapason 16ft pipes for Oamaru Basilica and, along with the main 1898 reservoir, lifting them up into the gallery.


Work began in May on the restoration of the N.T. Pearce pipe organ in St. James' Union church, Thames.  Pearce and his son installed the instrument in the Methodist church in June and July 1921, one of four built by them in the early 1920s.  The others were Gladstone Anglican in Invercargill (opened 9 February 1922), Tai Tapu Methodist (9 June 1922) and Invercargill Baptist (8 May 1923).  This last replaced their 1911 organ partially destroyed by fire, and is now in the New Zealand Organ Museum in Oamaru. The Thames organ was opened 16 July 1921.