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The Christmas tuning round was quite short with no larger jobs included as we were expecting our fourth child, so Ron was able to take up an invitation to accompany the Timaru District Choir in a performance of Handel's Messiah.   We were given the contract to clean and overhaul the Croft organ in Greenlane Presbyterian, following reorientation of the church interior due to roading changes.  This work will include moving the console to the other end of the church, and will be undertaken in the middle of the year.

The Organ Museum Trust have been loaned a rare military band organ by the Nelson Provincial Museum.  It was built by the Niagara Musical Instrument Mfg. Co. of North Tonowanda, New York, the same town inhabitated by the giant Wurlitzer company.  According to a collector in Wellington, this may be the last to have survived with its original paper-roll operating system, most others having had theirs replaced with a Wurlitzer one.


The New Zealand Organ Manufactory has purchased a larger van to enable our mobile tuning and repair service throughout the country to grow and improve.

Work continued steadily on the installation of the Hobday in St. Patrick's, Oamaru throughout the Christmas period and January, with quite complex mechanisms in place to haul the heavy parts up eight metres into the rear gallery.

Gallery furniture stored safely out of the way