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The September tuning ran into October, and included the dismantling of the Matla organ we overhauled near Hastings, and its installation in St. Mary's Catholic church in Avondale.  This was undertaken with assistance from the parish, and after travelling from Auckland and Hamilton to Hawkes Bay and back on Friday, the organ was installed in the rear gallery on Saturday and played for the Sunday services.

The Matla organ ready for installation.

The first stage of the overhaul of the organ in St. James's church, Lower Hutt was undertaken as well, this work including isolating and insulating the positive and negative cables, recovering the reservoirs and leathering the Great and Postive stop action.  This has made a great difference in the sound and function of the instrument, and we look forward to further projects on this instrument.


We are very pleased to announce that the New Zealand Organ Manufactory has been given the contract for the restoration of the 1921 Pearce pipe organ in Thames Union church, an instrument featured in Dr Newton's Ph.D. thesis.  Descendants of the Pearce family are rallying around the project as well.  The work will begin in April next year.

November means Heritage Celebrations in Oamaru, and as usual crowds of Victorian heritage enthusiasts descend upon our fair town, dress up in funny old clothes, dither in intersections, drop into the workshop, and otherwise indulge in diverse delectations, including Ron's regular organ recital in St. Paul's Presbyterian church.