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August saw our return to Oamaru, with the resumption of various contracts.  The September tuning run was very busy, with repairs from one end of the North Island to the other.

The new Fifteenth for the Tauranga Catholic Hobday had arrived in August, and was installed in the place of a four-foot Flute added earlier last century.  The new rank was built from dimensions taken from a contemporary Hobday Fifteenth.

With Peter Dyne, a well-known Wellington tenor, Ron gave the opening recital of the Bell reed organ at Christ Church, Taita on Saturday, September 8th.  The little chapel was bursting at the seams, and the hymn-singing was splendid.  A wide selection of reed organ and small pipe organ music, along with songs by Vaughan Williams, Ireland and Dowland, was well received.


This was quickly followed by two concerts with the Central Hawkes Bay Choir.  Our first Bina overhaul was another interesting job, these tiny reed organs from India being a simplification of small French-style harmoniums, an old example of which we have on display in the Museum.

Other work included replacing a damaged cable at Pitt Street Methodist, improving the Great Trumpet stays and extending a light fitting at Aotea Chapel, and further repairs to the electric action at Whangarei Presbyterian and St. Mary's Waipukerau.

A recently acquired tuning is of an organ in Kelburn.