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Work is well under way with the overhaul of the 1899 Hobday/Matla we dismantled from St. Matthew's in Masterton two years ago.  Although all the wooden pipes are in quite good condition, the metal ones had been damaged in the Wairarapa earthquake of 1942 and are in need of considerable attention.  The sound boards and chests were replaced with ones of Dutch manufacture and have survived reasonably well.  Overall, the wind trunking and various pallet adjustments were too constrictive, so along with a more poweful blower, the organ should achieve a greater realisation of its potential.


We have temporarily relocated to Waipawa in Hawkes Bay for the winter while we address our growing business in the North Island.  Local work has included a complete clean and overhaul of the Estey reed organ in Rathkeale College chapel.  This delightful wooden building was removed from Mangaweka and came with its war memorial organ.  The chapel staff have worked hard to achieve an authentic reburbishment of the building, and now the organ is back where it sat for many long years (not to mention sermons), we are sure that they will both give many more long years of service to the school community.

Recently acquired tunings include organs in Waipawa and Picton.