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Our usual December tuning round went as well as expected, and we overhauled a John Malcolm reed organ in a paint and panel shop near Manaia as well as the tremulant at Fitzroy Presbyterian.  When working around South Taranaki we have been getting used to staying at the Kaupokonui camp ground, with Paddy and Maria as our hosts.


 January was taken up with the first part of the overhaul and enlargement of the Lawton & Osborne organ in St. Luke's, Havelock North.  The parish looked after us very well, and in spite of the occasional great heat in the church everything went well.  Vic Hackworthy from Dedham Organ Systems installed his digital control system for the stop action during his regular visit to New Zealand.  We were also assisted by two young organists, Jeremy Woodside from Christchurch and Thomas Gaynor from Wellington, during their school holidays.

Thomas studying Ken and Vic at work