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The weekend of Advent Sunday has been very busy, with the opening of the Jenkins organ from St. Peter's, Caversham in Keith Davey's home, Temuka complete with Timaru Herald and TV One News coverage on Saturday; the opening of the additions to St. Andrew's, Maheno on Sunday morning; and the large Advent service at St. Luke's, Oamaru in the evening at which I played the organ, and Tani, Rhoda and I sang.

Our second Mustel overhaul has been completed recently, for a Christchurch client, and our astonishment at the complexity of these fine French reed organs has only increased.  Such exquisite, miniaturised technology, all hand crafted, and such an incredibly beautiful sound.  They certainly deserve to be better known.


Heritage Week (the fete better than life) has been and gone again, with the usual Friday lunchtime recital at St. Paul's.  During a practice there was an immense crash in the organ, and we found that a sash cord attached to the swell shutters had rotted, dropping a sash weight quite a distance on to the floor, fortunately missing some organ parts.  We shall be overhauling the swell shutter motor on our return from the next tuning trip.

We have been invited to prepare the biography of George Croft from the Ph.D. thesis for publication in time for the annual conference of  the Organ Historical Trust of Australia to be held in Auckland next September, and at which I shall be speaking about Croft's career.  The publication is being funded by a family member.