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Don Stanton is a Bible prophecy teacher. Australian by birth, Don served in India for 36 years. In 1965, he founded the Maranatha Revival Crusade, a non-commercial, non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has a focus on the fulfilment of Bible Prophecy, the spiritual building up of Godís people and missionary outreach.


Don was saved as a boy of 9 years. He was called at the age of 22 years to serve The Lord in India. He studied Theology at Sydney Missionary & Bible College, and then after several months of linguistic training, set sail for India in 1962 at the age of 25.


He began his work in North India amongst Tibetan refugees. He learned the Tibetan language, and his first book was in that language. Later his ministry widened, and developed its prophetic emphasis, with various books being printed in more than 55 languages.


In 1965 the publishing ministry began in Simla in the Himalayas, and in 1974 the Maranatha Revival Crusade headquarters were established in Secunderabad in Andhra Pradesh.


In 1986 an honary degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred upon Don by the Asia Bible College, an affiliate of Luther Rice Seminary, Florida, USA.


Since 1998, Don Stanton has been based in Australia, and ministering in various countries around the world.


As well as the Gospel of Salvation, the main emphasis of the Maranatha Revival Crusade is on the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The ministry seeks to make people aware of the times in which we live, and of how our political, economic, militarily, environmental and religious conditions are leading to the climax of the age.


MRC also emphasises evangelism, revival, Christian growth, and restoration of Bible truth. Don has an emphasis on prophecies concerning Israel.


Don married Jill (also Australian) in 1964 and they have one adopted son, Timothy, who is Tibetan origin, and who lives in Australia.


Don is the editor of two bi-monthly magazines-


*MILLENNIUM ALERT reports on significant world news in the light of Bible prophecy.


*MARANATHA, HOPE OF GLORY. This magazine brings news from around the world for prayer, and articles to encourage believers in their faith.


The two magazines are printed on alternative months.


Don Stanton, a prolific writer, has produced a magazine or a book every month for the last 35 years.



His book titles include:


*Now and the Near Future Prophesied (in 21 languages)

*Megatrends Impacting our Lives and Shaping the Future

*Mystery 666

*The Name Above All Names

*The Coming World Earthquake

*Look Up! Itís Later Than You Think

*The Coming World Holocaust

*Mystery Babylon

*The Coming Worldwide Rapture

*If You Have Been Left Behind

*The Coming World War

*Israel, the Fig Tree

*The Coming World Dictator

*Jerusalem, the Coming World Capital

*The Coming Millennium Ė Messiah Reigns

*The Messiah Has Come

*The Economic Meltdown. What Next?

*Constant Combat

*Whatís the World Coming To?(A small Gospel booklet, printed in 56 languages. Over 10 million copies in print.)


To receive the Millennium Alert and/or the Maranatha Hope of Glory regularly, write or Email, MRC at the address below, and request to be placed on their free mailing list.


Maranatha Revival Crusade,

Roelands Village,


West Australia 6226