Boardman Family Genealogy

Boardman Family Coat of Arms

Blazon of Arms

Arms: Gules on a pile between two stags' heads cabossed or a stag's head cabossed of the field.
Crest: A stag's head sable, erased gules crusily and horned or.


The information used on these webpages has been obtained from various sources and is published here in good faith. A genealogy is never complete or 100% correct, so additions (and corrections) are welcome. Should anyone feel that anything on this website violates any copyright laws or their personal rights please let me know and I undertake to remove the offending material immediately.

Some individuals have expressed a preference not to have their personal details on a website. In order to comply with this wish it is simpler when generating the website to ask the computer to exclude personal details for all the living.

This Web site and ALL information contained herein is provided for the purpose of genealogical research; no permission is granted or given for use of this material for any purpose other than genealogical research.

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While I am profoundly grateful to the many individuals who have contributed to the genealogical data contained on this site there are some whose contributions merit particular thanks:

First my father, Dr. L.G. Boardman, who originally stimulated my interest in family history; secondly, Beulah Laughton (neé Boardman) of South Africa, who despite debilitating ill-health continued with unabated enthusiasm to pursue the family links until her death in 2004; Clarence D. Taylor (Utah, USA), who made a monumental contribution to the family history; and Colleen Summerson (South Africa) who is still in hot pursuit of 'lost'/unrecorded branches of the descendants of the Rev. William Charles Boardman.


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