Andy's Weather Page

Actually this should be called Christchurch's Weather Page, as it shows the weather conditions in the back garden of our house in St. Albans. At the moment there is temperature and wind speed data for the last 24 hours (updated hourly) and the last 7 days (updated at midnight).
Time is local time. Refresh this page to make sure you have the latest graphs.
2005-04-24 Fantastic storm last night, from about 23:15 to midnight. Thunder, lightning and hail! The anemometer survived until a gust of wind took it out at 10:00 this morning. I should be able to repair it today (if I can find some ping-pong balls). I rescued a hailstone during the storm- it measured 3cm across, and weighed 6g!
2005-04-24 Looks like only the cups were damaged, so it was an easy repair.
Graph of temperature over the last 24 hours Graph of temperature over the last 7 days Graph of wind speed over the last 24 hours Graph of wind speed over the last 7 days
The temperature is measured by two Dallas DS18B20 sensors, one outside, and one in the house. They are wired back to a home-made version of the DS9097 interface and plugged into the serial port of my server. I use Brian Lane's Digitemp software to collect temperature readings every 5 minutes, and Steve Grubb's Ploticus to draw graphs every hour.
The anemometer is temporarily set up in the garden. It samples the number of pulses from the instrument (3 pulses per revolution) every 3 seconds. Data is accumulated and averaged over 10 minutes, and the average and maximum speed is recorded and graphed.
I am working on a wind vane, and data collected from that will be displayed here later.

You can also see the weather in the garden on the webcam.

My friend Titus is also building a weather station. See the weather at Titus's house.


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