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The Return of the Jacobites

The Jacobite cause appeared to have lain dormant until the late 1970’s. At the furthest point in time and space from where the Celts came from, in Hamilton, Aotearoa, began the seeds of the new Scottish Nation, in the form of Clan McGillicuddy. Shortly after their foundation, the McGillicuddies became aware that the spirit of the Royal House of Stewart had been reborn in one of their number - whom we shall call Geoff (1). Immediately He was hailed as Bonnie Prince Geoffie and moves were made to have him crowned the King of New Zealand. Although fiercely warlike, the McGillicuddies are not violent people, and for them war is a highly complex festive ritual. For this reason not a drop of blood was spilt in the abortive 1982 Jacobite uprising. They marched on Wellington, - New Zealand’s Capital - but were stopped from seizing the city by troops loyal to Elizabeth II of England after the untimely, but highly theatrical death of their leader, the Viscount Hastings, when he stepped back on his own kumara (2).

Having failed once by military means Clan McGillicuddy turned to the political arena where in 1983 the Laird of Hamilton, Graeme Cairns, Chief of Clan McGillicuddy, ran for Mayor of Hamilton. The following year the McGillicuddy Serious Party was formed to contest the General Election. Frustrated by their progress in the 1984 and 1987 General Elections the McGilhcuddies again took up the paper sword on the tricentenary of Parliaments illegal seizure of power in 1688, and marched again on Wellington, with eviction orders for all members of parliament. However, like all Jacobite military operations, whether violent or pacifist, this amounted to little more than yet another landmark in romantic history. The Clan returned to the political arena in 1990 and in 1993 gained more than 11,000 votes. In 1996, under the MMP system, the Party gained .29% of the party vote and 12,178 constituency votes. Obviously New Zealand is increasingly ready for the McGillicuddy Message.

As an essentially Jacobite party, the McGillicuddy Serious Party’s aim is to install Geoffrey I on the throne of New Zealand, and for New Zealand to then break away from the British Commonwealth and become a self governing Monarchy. Since genuine highland culture died out in Scotland generations ago it falls to the survivors of the Celtic Diaspora here in Aotearoa to pick up the pieces and start again. After the transference of the principle Scottish National Treasures from Edinburgh and London, we will carry out the Scottish Renaissance here in the South Pacific.

(1) Names have been changed to preserve the privacy of those involved and to implicate innocent strangers.

(2) “Nolite Regredire in Kumarum Vestrum” literally (Don’t step back on your own kumara) - ancient motto of Clan McGillicuddy, meaning “Don’t be the author of your own undoing.”