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Hello there.

this is the central access point of the mcgillicuddy serious parties web based portion of the election campain. it's been a while coming, but we've had better things to do. there's a bit of the old end of world crisis going on after all...

there is very little in the way of pretty backgrounds and flashing moving things, if any. we believe that voters just want the basic idea, in an easily readable form. we were the first political party in the country to have a web prescence, so don't go telling us how we should do it. or, possibly do. (current at 11/1999 greg 1st)

likewise, i, who's doing the typing at the moment, don't have too much regard for uppercase letters, i don't think they're bad, just not what i'm into. bear with me tho, most of the text in these pages iremains case sensitive, thanks to a scanner and wiz-bang technology, and i'm just linking it together.

the bulk of the site right now is the 1999 manifesto, edited by Greg, Graeme Paull and Jo. i use capital letters for other peoples names, it's not up to me to make that decision for them. i'm not unreasonable... Layout has been followed pretty close, and as such, many policies are spread over a few pages.

there's a week or so left to make your decisions on this country's future. the end of the world is nigh, whether we like it or not, the question is just how we are prepared to make the transition thru. the McGillicuddy Serious Party is about (give or take) the only party that guarantees a habitat fit for habitation for any decent sized portion of the so called new millenium. if anyone of you truly believe (and all power to you) that the start of a new millenium is any more important a time to make massive changes than NOW, don't fret, there's actually another year to go.

this will become all so apparent as you read threw.

So to this end, Here is the McGillicuddy Serious Parties 1999 Election Manifesto!

(or, skip straight to the contents...)

ps. it's pretty much in the public domain, but let us know if you want to do anything major with it. it may not be supplied to governmental institution without the sayso from us. they can look freely, but not touch. no other party may place any form of restriction (copyright for instance) _or_ assert rights over the documents contained herein, under any circumstances. this is a McGillicuddy Soverign rights zone, and the tribe of clan mcgillicuddy (possib,loik w/ case) arkses this be taken both whole, and into account. duplication is fairly well encouraged, archival welcomed, and passage on arksed for.

we do however encourage the use of our policy/ philosophy set in the exploration of developing appropriate governance of what we have. it's gotta happen soon...

More Stuff:

More McGSP info : Party List, Past articles , old policy, press releases... not really here yet, check back soon.

Murgatroyd's australian based website. well worth a look if only to get an idea of what's been going on in trans-tasman politics. all that we've really heard is that australia was tossing up the monarchy, and decided in the end to stick with it. parts of this site will help draw together the few fragments of info you may have heard, and expand on it. Prophecy, Politics and sheer bloody Poetry. all backed up by the world's best selling reference book.