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The Great Leap Backwards©

Fixing everythlng at once.

Modern society, the supposed remedy for humanities ills, is instead causing painful social breakdown. Other political parties talk a lot about solving unemployment, crime, poverty, pollution, housing shortages, etc but if they knew how, then surely they would have succeeded by now. Instead society just keeps getting worse. It is clear Politicians, democracy and technology can’t fix these problems because they are all interrelated and part and parcel of modern society.

The solution is obvious to anyone who stops for a moment to think about it. Things were much better in the good old days. The McGillicuddy Serious Party will bring back these days. If the future looks that bleak we should simply avoid it. The Great Leap Backwards involves redeveloping the entire country, in every way, along medieval lines. As Aotearoa becomes increasingly old fashioned more and more of our present social ills will, necessarily, cease to exist.

In the short term, people will be trained in appropriate old fashioned occupations and the massive reconstruction will ensure full employment for some years. Settlements will change their appearance and size, becoming medieval in style. Many towns and cities will probably disappear altogether, to be replaced by vast numbers of tiny villages dotted across the country side. Castles, shrines, pa, village greens, marae, henges etc.. all these will become common sights across the country.

The tribal or clan system will become the basic unit of organisation both socially and politically. The modern nuclear and sub nuclear family, the cause of many of our social ills, will be replaced by the extended family, and the clan and community involvement will play an increasingly important role in everyone’s lives.

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(1) We can then sue the promoters of World War I “the war to end all wars,” for false advertising.

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