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Lynley Wyatt Kelson School

Apirana frequently visits schools and other tertiary institutions to perform. 'I was sitting where I could see the children's faces and they were all totally absorbed with the stories you were telling, the body language that was used, fascinating string games and your use of the Maori instruments. It is great for children to experience the genre of story telling as opposed to story reading. So many many thanks once again for a most entertaining morning'.

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Ross Dunn Wellington College
'Apirana Taylor wowed an audience of 200 Form Five students with his poetry, songs, haka, and musical instrument playing. He performed in The Brierley Theatre at Wellington College on March 26th, 2001 and the students loved his words, music and energy.
In the afternoon, a sixth form class was treated to an analysis of "Red Sari", by the author himself.
We recommend a visit from Apirana Taylor and, more to the point, our students would too'.
©Apirana Taylor 2001
'It's often a cliché to say that a teacher is inspiring, but Apirana Taylor really is an inspiring teacher. Somehow he manages to create a big space so that people can write freely and well and often over quite different ground from where they've written before. As a wonderful performer of his own work, he encourages other people to see the possibilities for performance in their work. He understands and talks honestly about the long hard road that writing can be, and that, is both realistic and encouraging for writers starting out on the road. For those who don't , and hate writing ,he has a way of showing how exciting words can be!'

Adrienne Jansen
Coordinator, Whitirea Writing Programme, 1993-1999

Apirana with children at a multi-cultural/ lingual school in Vienna.