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©Apirana Taylor 2001


We never knew
about Parihaka
it was never
taught anywhere
except maybe
around the fires
of Parihaka
itself at night
when stories
are told
of the soldiers
who came
with guns
to haul us up
by the roots
like trees
from our land
though the Prophets
called peace peace
it was never
taught at school
it was all hushed up
how we listened
to the prophets
Tohu, Te Whiti
who called
Peace' Rire rire
but the only
peace the soldiers knew
spoke through
the barrels
of their guns
our woman children
it was never
taught or spoken
how we
were shackled
led away to the caves
and imprisoned
for ploughing our land.

Soft Leaf Falls of Light

Soft leaf falls of light
soft light falls of leaf
leaf soft light falls
light soft leaf falls
light falls leaf soft
light light light
soft leaf falls of light

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