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RAF 75 Squadron


This site is dedicated to the memory of the flyers from England, USA and New Zealand who made up the crew of AA.U - 75 Squadron, RAF - to the one who didn't make it home from the war, and to those who have since passed away.

It is hoped that it will be a useful source of information to those who had family members in the squadron, and provide an opportunity for them to get in contact with me, Allan Alexander, as I believe I am the last surviving member of AAU.

Crew of AA.U

W.MacDonald, Des Andersen, Frank Howard, Doc Lyon, Allan Alexander. Tom Mayhew, Phil Pullyn

Although this is the "A Team" there were trips when it was necessary to take other crew members through sickness etc. On the 13th July 1943 I took F/S Scott as an extra gunner to Aachen as he had lost his crew when he was sick and he had to make up the rest of his trips.

On the 10th August Sgt Lumsdaine came as a co-pilot on a raid toNurnberg.

On the 12th August we had a co-pilot F/S Whitta and a replacement navigator Sgt Morice on the trip to Turin then on the 23rd on a trip to Berlin we took a new flight engineer Sgt Bevans on his first trip over enemy territory, also the Squadron Armaments Officer Flight Lieutenant McAlpine who came just for the ride.

On the 27th Flight Sergeant Horgan came as Co-pilot to Nurnberg.

On 8th September Sergeant Falloon came as Engineer and then on the 15th and 16th Flight Sergeant Humphries came as Co-pilot to Mont Lucon and Modane.

On the 4th October we took over a different Navigator namely F.O. Lodge. This was to Frankfurt - then on the 8th a different navigator F.O Daborn came to Bremen. This was the end of our tour.