Welcome to the Nelson Aero Club

Nelson Aero Club is located at Nelson Airport, at the
top of the south island of New
Zealand and only about a 10 minute
drive from Nelson City.


The Nelson Aero Club has been specialising in flight training, scenics and air work since before 1932. We offer our members professional flight instruction to a very high standard, and opportunies to be involved in social activities such as fly-aways to destinations all over New Zealand.

The Nelson Aero Club is open 7 days a week 8am - 5pm, however during the summer you can take advantage of the extended flying hours during daylight savings.

Contact Details:

Nelson Aero Club                                     Phone: (03) 547 9643
Hanger 4                                                   Fax:      (03) 547 9643
PO BOX 2185                                          Email:  aeroclub@ts.co.nz
New Zealand