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The Guiniven family originally from Ireland!

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Passenger List for Reihersteig 1864 from the New Zealand Herald Newspaper

Be aware that some spelling of surnames may not be correct, as in the case of my family.

(arrival of Reihersteig Port of Auckland)

page 4
Transcribed by Glenda Butler
ARRIVAL OF THE REIHERSTEIG, FROM THE CAPE. This vessel, one of Ceaesar Goddreffoy and Son's line, in command of Captain Ochlmann, arrived in harbour from the Cape of Good Hope on Saturday afternoon last, after a passage of 59 days. She sailed on the 26th October, and had fine variable weather to the Three Kings, which were sighted on Thursday last. The Reihersteig brings 154 passengers, all in good health. There was one death, Mrs Isabella Scott, aged 21 years, from premature confinement, on the 20th instant, and five births during the passage. Messrs Caesar, Goddreffoy and Son's fine brig 'THE REIHERSTEIG', arrived in harbour on Saturday afternoon from Cape of Good Hope, bringing a total of 154 passengers, all in good health.
The following is a list of their trades:
5 Carpenters
3 Black Smiths
34 Labourers
1 Coach builder
2 Gardeners
1 Wheelwright
3 Shoe makers
1 Engine fitter
1 Painter
1 Plumber
REIHERSTEIG, brig, 294 tons, Ochlmann, from the Cape of Good Hope, in ballast.
Fanny, Agnes, Emily, and David Glendinning
Thomas, Jane, and Margaret Hutchinson;
Elizabeth Smith;
Elizabeth and Sarah Sinott;
Louis, Mary, Anastasia and August Ghezze;
Francis and Louisa Drew;
William Barker;
William, Mary Ann, and William Courne;
James Jackson;
John, Catherine, Bridget, and James Doyle;
William Elliot;
Patrick, Margaret, and Huges;
Mary and Catherine Deveney;
Mary, and Stephen O'Neal;
Emanuel Higby,
John and Margaret Macdonald;
Edward, Honoria and Mary Sheehan;
Patrick and Mary Murphey;
Michael, Margaret, Thomas and Neal;
George and Marion Lovegroe;
Michael, Mary, Mary, and Bridget Sheridan;
Julia Maloney;
Michael and Ellen Tooher;
Patrick M'Namara;
William, Maryann, Elizabeth, Susan Greenwich;
William, and Nicholas Herival;
Patrick, Catherine, and Mary Murphy;
William Jackson;
James and Elizabeth Smart;
Henry, Louisa, Richard, and Emily Warren;
Laurence and Ann Nolan;
John Hardgreaves;
George Leith;
John, Bridget, James, and Mary Egan;
Margaret Hartnedy;
Mary Conolly;
Henry Paul;
Thomas, Isabella, and Isabella Scott;
Henry Kengley;
Hugh Mullin;
William, Isabella, William, James, Isabella, and Jesse Elder;
Martin, Needham, Swift, and Ann Hael;
Daniel, Mary, and Joseph Dunn;
John Power;
Thomas, Isabella, and Annie Anderson;
Michael and Margaret Burke;
Michael, Catherine and Elizabeth Sweeney;
Reuben, Elizabeth, and Thomas Prescott;
William, Isabella, Margaret, and Isabella Smith;
Mary Grant;
Martin, Catherine, Thomas, James, and Mary Ann McGrath;
Michael Kelly;
Patrick, Mary, and William Guineman;
Philip, Ann, and Charlotte Gleeson;
William and Elizabeth Meeson;
Charles T. Lloyd, Thomas, Mary, Thomas, Mary E; William, Emma, Jane, and John Reed;
Frederick, Elizabeth Ann, Samuel, Frederick, Harry, George, James, and Elizabeth Christmas;
William Johnson;
John Macdonald;
Green Hicks

Total 154 - Berwin and De Hirsch, agents.

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