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The Moon family originally from England!

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Information I do have!

Alfred Morton Moon arrived in New Zealand aboard the Electra (Listing for A M Moon as passenger on Electra) to Wellington in Oct 1867.
Incomplete passenger list for the Electra including A M Moon.
A more complete passenger list for the Electra excluding A M Moon. Armed Constabulary who recieved the New Zealand War Medal
It now seems likely that Alfred Morton Moon was born in Hay, Sussex around 1848. I have not been able to confirm this yet though. It is possible that he may have moved to Australia first. There is evidence to suggest he may have been employed in the Sydney police force. In New Zealand he joined the Armed Constabulary. He was stationed in several different towns. He was awarded the New Zealand War Medal and reached the rank of Sergeant. He married Lavinia Rowe, on 12th of July 1873 in Napier. It appears from his death certificate that he had 6 children with his first wife Lavinia. They are Amelia Beatrice Lavinia Rowe, Caroline Mary, Alfred Henry, Edward and Morton. After leaving the Armed Constabulary he joined the Police force. I am told he was the first Police Sergeant in Whangarei. His property in Lower Cameron Street was purchased by the Government to build the Police Station. I have recently received photos of Afred Morton Moon and his house in Marton. Alfred Morton MOON remarried in Whangarei in the the year 1907, to Annie Rata MCNEIL. She was aged 34 and he was approximately 59 years old. Annie had I believe five children with Alfred. The last child was only aged two years when Alfred died in 1921, aged 84 years.
Sample page from Alfred Morton Moon's diary.
Photo of Alfred Moton Moon's house,a photo of Alfred himself, and a photo of a photo showing Alfred with his medals with his Snider rifle hanging above.