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The Kent family originally from England!

Welcome to my page. I have put this page to together in an effort to find more people interested in researching the following families.
This page is a work in progress. I will add more stories as I come across them. Unfortunately not a lot is known about this line at this time.

Information I do have!

They arrived in Wellington New Zealand from England.
Charles KENT born abt 1841 married Eliza GREY who was born about 1856 in England. They emigrated to Wellington, New Zealand with children aboard the steamer Rimutaka in 1894. They moved to New Plymouth. The childrens names were George Horatio, Percy, Frank, Dorothy and William. George Horatio married Maude Mallard in Tasmania. Charles KENT kept a diary desribing the voyage of the steamer Rimutaka. In it he also describes some of the people aboard and makes an embarasing comment about Aborigines in Tasmania. I also hold a photocopy of the passenger list for RMS. Rimutaka.
Read a transcript of Charles Kents Diary
Passenger list for RMS Rimutaka
Charles KENT
Charles KENT'S father was James KENT. His occupation was a Lighterman according to his son Charles death certificate. A lighter is a flat-bottomed cargo barge, usually without its own means of propulsion, that is towed by a tug for short distances, as between a ship and a quay or along a river from a port to a warehouse. The charge for transporting goods by lighter is the lighterage.
Chales KENT and his wife Eliza are both buried in Te Henui cemetary, New Plymouth, New Zealand. Charles died on the 3rd of May 1909 and Eliza died later on 29th July 1926. They had three children.
John Horatio, Patricia and Nancy. Only Patricia is still alive.

Eliza GREY
Eliza's parents were Horatio GREY and Elizabeth ?. Horatio was apparently related to Govenor Grey distanty. He was a ship owner according to his daughter Eliza's death certificate.
John Horatio KENT AKA The Taranaki Tiger.
John Horatio trained as a builder just in time to work on the rebuilding of Napier after the big earthquake in 1931. After this he went to Austarlia to work in the mining industry. He became a semi professional wrestler and competed in Australia and South Africa. He was tragically killed when his ship the City of Barcelona was sunk in 1937 by a German U-boat while he was on his way to fight in the Spanish Civil War.
Accounts of the sinking of the City of Barcelona
Photo of the Taranaki Tiger