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The Guiniven family originally from Ireland!

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Information I have!

They arrived in Auckland, New Zealand from South Africa where they had lived for a few years.
Patrick Guiniven married Mary Barry in Ireland. They emigrated first to Sth Africa and then later to Auckland, New Zealand aboard the Reihersteig in 1864.They had seven children; John,William, Ellen, Patrick, James, Margaret, Maria.
A passenger list for the Reihersteig
Patrick Guiniven
Patrick Guiniven and Mary Barry are believed to have married in 1834 in Clonmel, Ireland. However no one has apparently been able to find a record of this in Clonmel. It is possible that they married in Mary Barry's home town which is somewhere in Tipperary. They moved to Sth Africa for a few years and then to Ramarama near Auckland, New Zealand where they had a farm. They are buried in a cemetary near there.
John Guiniven
John Guiniven was born in Ramarama (formerly known as Maketu) in 1871. He must have been quite bright. He attended Auckland University for a while but I don't know if he graduated. He started up a relationship with a Nga Puhi woman and had two children, Molly and Rupert. Later he married Mary Yardley of Kiama,NSW, Australia in 1906. John Guiniven worked in the concrete construction industry and went into local body politics. He was Mayor of Takapuna for over 20 years. He was involved with the Masonic lodge. He is remember by some as a straight talking and forceful speaker. Apparently he was ejected from more than one council meeting. Mary and John had five children, Stanley, Lindsay, Bryan, John, and James.