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the aurora photos on this page are all my own, and i give them to you to use how you wish, please link your site back to mine in return

PHOTOS BY PAUL MOSS  - want to look for an aurora now? go here 

for full screen versions of these pics scroll down...

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Here  are 4 of my favorite photos i took of AURORA AUSTRALIS...untouched!   29th November 1994 around 1200 U.T.   I used an old slr (Practica) with 50mm lens, 400 asa fuji film - around 30 second exposures. The originals are available, I can scan and send them in whatever level of detail you wish. I have 150x200mm photographic prints from the 35mm neg. The first  pic clearly shows the CRUX and pointers Alpha and Beta Centaurii. Bigger versions scroll down...

more of my photos

I did alter some parameters of these 3 images, to present them, from in the backyard at home:

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Thanks to:   AURORA AND SOLAR SECTION of  RASNZ    &  Wellington Astronomical Society

Lots more about Aurora Australis   more about my astronomy   (my Halleys comet photo)

another wellington photographer Roland and the Phoenix Astronomical Society

Royal Astronomical Society New Zealand RASNZ  



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the bigger versions of my photos


I took these pictures with a 35mm slr on a tripod simply manually holding the shutter open for various periods... the brightness was greater than a full moon, you could easily read text...  and it was much whiter than green... thats a photographic chemical trick for sure...  I did take lots early in the display from the city of Invercargill in the yard behind our house, but very poor contrast due to light pollution... although blues and reds in the sky were cool. I moved 20km south to the bottom of New Zealand and up 300metres to a lookout over the town of Bluff, and looking across the Strait toward Stewart Island. The aurora played its fantastic show for another 3 hours, around 4~5 hours in all. It was incredibly dynamic, with pulses and waves of light moving across half a hemisphere in a few seconds... absolutely exhilarating and never to be forgotton..  I celibrate and share the experience for life...

I would love to talk more about this white/green visual/photo thing, cause my recent aurora experience was very green, just like these shots. aurora@electricity.net.nz   for discussion...

auroraaustralis1.JPG (16792 bytes)

auroraaustralis4.jpg (21073 bytes)

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